Welcome to the Allied HVAC Distributors Technical Service page.

Have a technical or service question on a product purchased through Allied HVAC distributors? We provide customer access through our Technical Service Manager. At some point all technicians need a little help and we will always be there to support our customers, as well as the products they purchase from us. And to help you, our contactor customers, in the most effective and efficient way we encourage you to complete a startup sheet on all installations. By completing this double sided sheet you insure the system is performing at its best, within allowable design parameters and you have documentation that the system was started correctly.

In addition to the startup sheets for either a residential or commercial system we have customized troubleshooting forms that can aid a service tech in identifying the cause or causes for a system not performing properly. Please download and use them as you see fit to support your customers and the products you install. At your request we can also customize these forms to add data specific to your company or we can customize the form by adding your company logo. Having a completed data, troubleshooting or startup sheet on hand when calling insures we can provide the fastest, most accurate technical support possible.

Please contact your local branch Technical Service Manager for your technical support. For availability please see your TSM schedule under the Tech Support menu.

Listed below are links to documents we think would have value to you, our valued customers. Please download and use them as you see fit to support your customers and the products your install.

Reference Materials

Technical Service Guide

Clocking Gas Meter

10K Thermister Values

Residential Duct Sizing Guide


NATE - The Value of Certification

Service Letters

Package Unit Discharge Line Vibration

ECONET Screen Issue

Ruud 90% Furnace DS-GF111510

RUUD Package Commercial Units

RUUD RH Series Air Handler Duct Flange

RUUD GAS Valve Product Alert

RUUD Coil Sensor Alert

RKKL Wiring Harness Alert DS-PC011502

RUUD Coil Sensor Warranty Letter



ECM test

ECM Service Guide

ECM and X-13 Textbook


Using the P/T Chart as a Service Tool

Solutions for Fixing Common TXV Problems

Refrigerant Pipe Sizing

Start-Up Forms & Troubleshooting

AC-HP Critical Readings Survey

Honeywell Economizer Troubleshooting

Air Temperature Pressure & Enthalpy Chart

80% Gas Furnace Jobsite Information Sheet

90% Gas Furnace Jobsite Information Sheet

Air Conditioning System Jobsite Information Sheet

Heat Pump Jobsite Information Sheet

Oil Furnace Jobsite Information Sheet